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Villas HM Paraíso del Mar

Mexiko, Isla Holbox



American Express


Welcome to a perfect holiday in the Caribbean. Our hotel is located on the beachfront of Holbox Island, where you will find everything you need to live a unique stay, full of magical moments in an idyllic setting. Surrounded by an exceptional landscape that features wild and fabulous beaches, the Hotel Villas HM Paraiso del Mar has complete facilities and elegant villas where you can relax and enjoy the best days of the year.
Our resort in the Caribbean will become the perfect place to share unforgettable moments, enjoy unique experiences and discover new hobbies. A few steps from an idyllic beach and equipped with a nice pool, a restaurant, several bars and collective areas in which to relax with your loved ones and make the most of your days in Mexico, the Hotel Villas HM Paraiso del Mar is the ideal destination for your next vacation.
In our all-inclusive hotel in Holbox Villas Paraiso del Mar HM you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in a warm, stylish and cozy restaurant surrounded by beautiful plants and decorated with simplicity and charm. To start the day with energy, enjoy lunch at noon and finish with the best feelings in the dinner, please come to our Restaurant Paraíso and delight the wide selection of dishes. You\''ll find some of the most outstanding delicacies of the traditional Mexican cuisine, always prepared with fresh products by a team of professionals.
To enjoy your holiday in Villas HM Paraíso del Mar to the fullest, we offer you different accomodation plans: breakfast, half board and premium all-inclusive. At breakfast you will find pastries and home-made bread, natural fruit twice a weak, cold meats, typical cheeses, typical Mexican food and warm dishes such as fried or scrambled eggs. As a snack, we suggest dishes such as hamburgers, hot-dogs, nachos, Peruvian ceviche, sandwiches, Mexican quesadillas or fajitas. For lunch and dinner we have themed Mexican and Japanese buffets, plus a selection of dishes and desserts, both international and typically Mexican.
You will spend the best moments of your holidays in good company, good atmosphere and with great plans, like enjoy a mid-morning snack, have a soft drink by the pool on a summer day or end the day with a cocktail and friends. This can become reality in the three bars that you have available in our all-inclusive hotel in Mexico. The pool bar, snack bar and lobby bar of the hotel Villas HM Paraiso del Mar will become the scene of some of the best memories of your Caribbean vacation,enjoy the professional service of the team and the good energy that reigns in them always
When arriving in Holbox Island you will notice that you have chosen the perfect destination for a holiday in the Caribbean. Our hotel Villas HM Paraiso del Mar is located in an idyllic setting where the natural beauty of the Caribbean islands is still intact, both in their pristine beaches and its lush and spectacular vegetation. Furthermore, you will find in Isla Holbox plans and activities for everyone.


Welcome to a perfect holiday in the Caribbean. Our hotel is located on the beachfront of Holbox Island


Avda. Plutarco Elías Calles, s/n., Isla Holbox, México

Holbox Island

77310 - Isla Holbox


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