Best Price Guarantee

With the best price guarantee, Eurowings Holidays aims to ensure always offering you the best price and highest value for your vacation. If you book a flight + hotel package on and you find an identical offer with a lower price by another travel agency based in the same country within 48 hours after receiving the booking confirmation we will refund you the difference.

1.      Our best price guarantee applies only for online bookings.

2.      The best price guarantee applies only to websites which offer the identical product directly on the website for booking (that means number of people, dates, duration, flight time, flight number, air fare, extras during the flight, transfer, hotel, room type, number of rooms and board have to be the same)

3.      The differential amount can only be requested within 48 hours of receiving your booking confirmation. The best price guarantee only applies to comparable package holidays that are still bookable at least 14 weeks prior to departure.

4.      Only the lead passenger on the booking may make a claim.

5.      The comparable travel offer must come from a website of a commercial travel provider and the offered final price must include all processing, booking, credit card fees and suchlike.

6.      The applicable price of the reference offer must be available to the general public. It may not include discounts, credit notes or similar discounts.

7.      The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to comparable offers on our own website. This cannot be guaranteed as our offers may change due to the dynamic packaging, depending on availability.

8.      Please note that the best price guarantee is only valid for the full package price and not individual components. For example, if you have booked a trip with flight and hotel services on our website, you can´t claim a price reduction if you have only found a lower price for a comparable flight or accommodation service.

9.      Only 1 price adjustment per booking is taken into consideration.

10.  We require a screenshot, date and time stamp, and a URL or other equally appropriate voucher from the reference offer. Please send this information together with your booking number to via the email address that was used for the booking. Our customer service team will then review your claim as soon as possible and you will receive an answer via e-mail within 7 workdays. Refunds will be credited within 14 days only to the account that was previously charged the travel price.

11.  The claim can only be made within a period of 48 hours after booking. offers the best live prices at the time of booking. Prices may vary sometimes within minutes. Some providers (such as airplanes and hotels) may reduce or increase their prices as the departure date approaches. The same applies to price changes during special sale periods.

12.  Please note that we cannot process your claim if you do not send us the required information in the format outlined in section 10. The same applies if a URL for the website for which you request a discount from us is no longer active. In this case we can no longer verify the reference offer. If this means that we cannot verify your claim for a discount, we will not be obliged to adjust the price for a booking, even if you send a working URL or full screenshot after 48 hours.

13.  We reserve the right to change or discontinue the best price guarantee at irregular intervals without any justification and without prior notice.